Website update


Welcome to this new update of the LemmingBall Z website. In the recent years, the forums have become less and less active as most people use social media these days. To reflect these changes, i have set up a website in WordPress and spend some time importing old content from the forums, and making it fast enough.

The result should be an easy to read website that works on your mobile phone.

All 13.000 user accounts from the previous site have been transferred to this site, so you can log in with your old account. Registration is simpler, and you can now leave comments without creating an account.

Please let me know what you think! :)

Side-Note: if you are stuck updating the game, see this post.

Update 8861

Hi folks,

An update specificly for the content creators:

  • A model viewer has been added, drag an md5mesh file over LBZ to open it and check the model out.
  • Internal scripting editor improved, ctrl+q now switches between the game and the edit window.
  • Ctrl+T and Ctrl+R will both save all open files in the editor, and reload game data. Errors will be shown in a new editor tab when/if they occur.

For players:

  • A new model system is being implemented, these models animate better (smoother) and can render faster :) allowing for better framerates…. or higher poly counts… still have to wait a while for the full effects as our artists are getting used to the tools and a creating new models.


Hi folks!

A small update has been pushed out that updates the camera work.
The camera will now detach and focus on you when you fly far away from the action.

Also fixed: the arrival level textures have been updated.

New central chat server

Hi folks!

The central chat server has been moved to a new location and has been upgraded to a new version.
A bug prevented many people from connectiong to eachother.
Finding each-other and playing a bit online should now be possible again… :)

Side-Note: if you are stuck upgrading, see this post.