Lemmingball Z

Lemmingball Z is a fighting game for linux and windows, loosely based on `Dragonball Z` the hit anime. And when we say loosely based, we mean with a big twist. Instead off the normal characters from the anime, this game features cute LEMMINGS fighting DBZ style!

Main features

  • Destructable 3d terrain
  • Ability to add your own levels/characters/moves to the game
  • Multiplayer with 2-4 players online or local
  • Good old-fashioned Hot-seat play
  • Slow-motion, like in "The Matrix"
  • Fancy graphics, like cell-shading and stuff
  • Netplay, without configuring or hamachi
  • Stupid AI to practice with
  • Blood! lots of it! 😄


LBZ was created somewhere at the end of 1999 and the start of 2000. It was my first try at making a game, up till then i only coded small utility’s/effects. LBZ was first written in Quick BASIC, for DOS and it had 800x600 resolution and sprites, and very basic gameplay. When the game became to big for basic, i ported it to PASCAL, but that version did not last very long because a short while after that i ported LBZ to C++ (using opengl for graphics). After this lbz quickly evolved... i got features like destructable terrain and slowmotion.

The future

LBZ is a bit of a "pet project".... it will constantly evolve. I dont plan on stopping with this for a long time, since it’s a lot of FUN working on LBZ! Things i would like to create for LBZ in the future include:
  • Interactive levels, with scripts, triggered events
  • 100% mod-ability! Be able to mod any aspect of the game. 60% done.
  • Ports to most major game consoles

89 thoughts on “About

  1. no make it hard as possilbe if im going to be a computer thing when i grow up i need to learn these stuff and i knew to delte just making sure

  2. new pc and it windows 8 and the video card took the game the first time i download it it work i try kamis place and i saw it then it crashed and never worked after that it keeps loading and every time i delete engines thing it comes back and i didnt even turn off the pc or log off and it says log book will be sent to u and the loading everytime i get on the game 15 mins thats just longggg and i want to play u face me in lbz

      1. and i did that and it works but the only problem i went on king kia i think place and it work but it keep crashing for no reason

          1. and one more thing like my whole pc was doing this but i fixed it and it still does it and u know like puasing then working like evrymilisecond no lie and i delete it and did what u said but it still dont work so ya

          2. idk its a laptop i cant go inside of it its a good one tho i can take gta ark and king kia and all the maps its just crashing

  3. hi ya umm i thot u said that the game is better with like windows 7 or 8 i got that and everytime i want to play i have to delete the engines file it never saves so i have to delete everytime and it crashes and everytime i have to upgrade it and it take like 15mins and i dont have to upgrade on the xp and it says logbook will be sent to u do u dee all the things i see

    1. Hi! Did you install Windows 7 on the same computer? Or did you buy a new computer? Because you need more then just windows 7, you need a better video chip too…..

  4. thank u thank u thank u so much it orks yaaaaaaaaaaaa umm but im so srry to annoy u
    but the thing is some of the maps are black for me and i cant move well on them
    especially the places with water or the moatians omg my spelling
    and the multiplayer dont work for me it says connection time out but i got 4 bars functional
    plz help
    and how do i trun super saiyain i dont know and its hard

    1. Hi! Great that the game works for you now.
      Double tap the ki key to go super.
      In the graphics setting menu try setting shader level as low as possible. Your graphics card probably cannot handle the shaders required for level rendering.

      1. ok ya i got that finally tha ki thing and ok shader low thnxs and try posting more vides for this game cause i lot of people are lokking for dbz games for pc
        and the connection thingy how do i fix that
        says connection time out but i got 4 or 5 watever the full bar is

        1. hi i got all the ansers the long way bue its still the maps that look well not that good can u help me with that plz and i think ill be out of ur hair for all time srry for anooying u so much but play help with the maps i did shades low thing and i am able to take water i do in halo and other games and no problem

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