Lemmingball Z

Lemmingball Z is a fighting game for linux and windows, loosely based on `Dragonball Z` the hit anime. And when we say loosely based, we mean with a big twist. Instead off the normal characters from the anime, this game features cute LEMMINGS fighting DBZ style!

Main features

  • Destructible 3d terrain
  • Ability to add your own levels/characters/moves to the game
  • Multiplayer with 2-4 players online or local
  • Good old-fashioned Hot-seat play
  • Slow-motion, like in "The Matrix"
  • Fancy graphics, like cell-shading and stuff
  • Netplay, without configuring or hamachi
  • Stupid AI to practice with
  • Blood! lots of it! 😄


LBZ was created somewhere at the end of 1999 and the start of 2000. It was my first try at making a game, up till then i only coded small utility’s/effects. LBZ was first written in Quick BASIC, for DOS and it had 800x600 resolution and sprites, and very basic gameplay. When the game became to big for basic, i ported it to PASCAL and then almost immediately to C++ (using OpenGL for graphics). After this LBZ quickly evolved, it got features like destructible terrain and slow-motion.

The future

LBZ is a bit of a "pet project".... it will constantly evolve. I don't plan on stopping with this, since it’s a lot of fun working on LBZ! Things i would like to create for LBZ in the future include:

  • Interactive levels, with scripts, triggered events
  • 100% mod-ability! Be able to mod any aspect of the game. 60% done.
  • Ports to most major game consoles

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  1. Just a quick question: Is this game free software (a.k.a. open source)?

    And why / why not?

  2. I have a glitch where in some levels when I play yellow beams come out of the ground and cover the whole level. It’s really annoying, is there a way for it to stop?

  3. Okay i have some criticism to make. Why do you make the game require OpenGL 3.3 while that wasn’t the original intent of the game? I used to love playing this game but now, since my GPU only supports OpenGL 3.1. Why is there not an option to switch between OpenGL and directx or just older OpenGL versions? The game doesn’t benefit in any way using OpenGL 3.3 if i’m not wrong? And now, you’ve even replaced the old version that was opengl 3.1 compatible with one that isn’t so now i can’t play the game AT ALL! This is pissing me off. I do understand that you are making a huge effort but, completely disregarding people that do not have OpenGL 3.3 is kind of a dick move.

    1. I understand your frustration but… a bit of a rant:

      1) OpenGL 3.3 provides us with nicer graphics, more speed, and actually being compatible with a lot more cards.
      2) If your hardware can support only 3.1… then i am guessing you are using Intel Graphics? Guess what: 3.3 is supported on your hardware, Intel is just leaving you without driver support. And here is the cool news: if you switch to Linux instead of windows, you probably get OpenGL 3.3 support… OpenGL 3.3 requires about the same hardware as DirectX 10… Also, this 3.3 version is the 1st to officially support Intel Graphics, provided you have a 3rd gen intel processor… (we are at 7th gen nowadays)
      3) The game used to have a renderer written for OpenGL 2.1 + a heap of extensions… this renderer had become unmanageble and caused of lot of problems for a lot of people on a lot of different hardware. I simply no longer have the time to support all of the weird code paths and exceptions that come with having an opengl 2.1+crap renderer.
      4) The tech is now closer to mobile… so it might come to your phone in the future.
      5) You used to love playing this game? Donated us anything lately? You know, so i can keep working at this really expensive hobby? It would suprise me if you were the one that gave me that donation of 10,- all those years ago… (There has been only one…)

      OpenGL 2.1 is from July 2, 2006… ancient…
      OpenGL 3.1 is from March 24, 2009…
      OpenGL 3.3 is from March 11, 2010…

      7 full years ago… That is like… 1.5 new computers ago…

      TL;DR : Asking me to support all ancient crap of the world is asking to much of me.

      PS: now that my anger has faded: seriously: take a look at Linux: it is great for older PC’s and LBZ runs much faster on it (150 to 200%). Linux also happens to have great support for Intel Graphics users…

  4. i dont know why but when i start the game i cant see the menu, but if i press enter something open like options or editor

  5. I absolutely love it! For what it is, this is fantastic.

    The graphics are great, and very silly which I love.

    The feel of dragon ball Z is really there. No other game has matched the real speed of dragon ball z (mostly because it’s kind of impossible too) but this is very close and I love the feel of it.

    The terrain deformation is fantastic and the ability to mod it is even better.

    I have one issue though, it’s just that the game is so close to capturing the speed of DBZ, it’s difficult to keep up with what’s going on lol. I’m sure others have got it down very good though.

    Great job though, you did amazing work and I hope to see more in the future :D

    1. I think your game is awesome but when i try to play it i can only move and i cant attack or anything i changed some keys in settings and i still cant do anything do you have any idea how to fix this?

  6. man what the heck happen to this game it was much better before.

    the controllers are not even working properly i can’t fight back cause enemy keeps flinging me all of over the place difficulty on low when i transform the hair don’t even change no more so much other stuff wrong with this now.

  7. Hi! I noticed that while playing as Bardock in Onlineplay, when I try to transform I don’t see his yellow hair. This is really odd since only a day or two before, I was very psyched that he had a SSJ transformation! ^_^ But yeah, it’s really wierd cuz apparently other people can see the yellow hair and only I cant. :'( What to do!?
    Thanks in advance!

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