To download the game you have 2 options:
  1. Download the latest version straight from this website:

    Click to download

    about 120MB

  2. Go to indiedb to download an older version:

System requirements:

To play Lemmingball Z you need a computer with:

  • Windows Vista minimum. (Linux preferred)
  • A graphics processor with OpenGL 3.3 support (Preferably from AMD or NVIDIA, Intel supported from Intel HD4000)
  • 512MB of free ram
  • 2Ghz dual core processor

Recommended computer:

  • Linux is highly recommended (roughly 1.5 times faster), otherwise Windows 10 is recommended.
  • An NVIDIA Geforce 650 GTX or better videocard
  • 4GB of ram
  • Intel Core i5 or better processor

Lemmingball Z is completely free: check this page if you like it enough to support us!

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