Preparing for 9001

Some might have noticed that we already reached version 9000.

So we are preparing something a bit bigger then the common update...

Currently in progress and public beta:

  • New transformations.. lots of it - and more to come.
  • An account system with leaderboards:
  • - Unregistered players will have only access to SSJ transformation
  • - registered players gain access to SSJ and SSJ3 transformations
  • - registered players whose leaderboard ranking exceeds novice class gain access to ssj 3 and god transformations
  • - registered players whose leaderboard ranking exceeds intermediate class gain access to god  and ssj god transformations

-> the account beta is already runing, the latest content update will give you instructions on how to activate it.

Note: we are currently trying to figure out what score palyers need for the single classes

Currently in progress and not in public access:

  • new light&shadow system
  • performance upgrades
  • networking upgrades
  • a new character with at least 3 transformations - no promises we get him done for 9001
  • ==> EDIT: Sorry, I wont make it in time - i underestimated the char and need to watch a bit more anime to get it done properly
  • improved help tables for all chars... but these are even less likely then the new char...sorry

so long!



9000: network fixes

Hi!9000 is up, i had surprises planned, but they are still buggy, so they have been delayed till the next update!Networking should be much more stable and less laggy in this update.Greetz,Menne

8998: new scripting.

Hi! folks!

I just uploaded a new version of LBZ.
I've worked on this one for quite some time.
A while back we decided to do something special (coming soon), and with it I decided for myself that I wanted to do this new feature completely in LGS... the scripting language built into LBZ.
Coding a new feature in a scripting language you designed yourself can be quite a challenge it turns out.
Over the course of last weeks i discovered flaw upon flaw in the LGS language, as well as discovering that a couple of things were hard to write.

Long story short, this update marks a complete overhaul for the LGS scripting language:

Bugs fixed:
* glColor4f(random(),random(),0,1);// the second random() call would overwrite a value so that both random() calls always end up the same...
* Recursive functions would overwrite stack variables
* child objects could be deleted and yet still be accessed by scripts... causing crashes or undefined behavior.
* Temporary values were not released soon enough, resulting in higher memory requirements for each script.
* foreach would not work correctly for dynamic arrays inside objects.
* events executed from inside objects would get executed with wrong objects
* strings with \n and stuff like that would not be parsed correctly

New features:
* Specify objects at creation time with JSON. For example: object test = {"name": "Menne Kamminga", "age": 33};
* extractor and subscript now implemented as operators, allowing for very flexible expressions. myFunction(0)->extractedFunction(1);
* Much faster object construction.
* Editor highlighting is much smarter.
* can now use objects much like PHP arrays. For example: object test; test["name"] = "Menne Kamminga";
* break statement to escape from loops.
* auto keyword to automatically guess variable type from initialization.
* Support for more OO features... (final class, "final" members, private and public data hiding) * New [1,2,3] syntax to initialize arrays.
* VM that runs your LGS code is several times faster!

Engine update delayed.

Hi folks!


Just wanted to let you know why it is taking so long for the new engine update to come out.

During last rounds of testing on friday i discovered a few crtitical issues in the LGS scripting language.

These are being fixed as i write this, but i am doing it slow and careful this time, with lots of testing...



8995…. getting rather close to 9000

Hi folks!

Released version 8995 today.
This is mostly a maintenance release featuring bug fixes.
It features:

  • More power for LGS classes.. (global scope constructor now works)
  • A 'break' statement to escape from loops (also LGS)
  • Ground-work for a suprise @ version 9000.... ;)


Have phun! :)