9022: superinstructions + fixes

Hi folks,

9022 is already online for a while, forgot to write about it....

New features:

  • Scripts are partially compiled to native code... meaning faster execution, especially for older CPU's
  • XML includer now has ability to replace markers, making it more powerfull
  • New AI, now handled by LGS script instead of engine
  • Various scripting improvements
  • in-game editor has new features... check f1 for help.
  • Ability to add characters from LGS scripts. (feature require for upcoming stuff...)


  • Fixed a crash that was possible when scoring in online games
  • Various other tickets were fixed.


I'm gonna enjoy a little vacation, I'll be back in a week.


Greetz, Menne

Rage against the corporate bullsh*t


Uploaded this vid:

This video demonstrates that Intel does not update their drivers for windows with new features.

This is what makes it hard for a small time developer like myself to support all of the different hardware out there.
Corporate politics, profit margins.
Caring about customers? no sir...

End of rage moment here...

Sincerely hoping that Vulkan matures with better support. (Currently not upgrading to Vulkan since we would leave to many folks behind...)


Menne Kamminga

PS: working on new version! new features + bugfixes are incoming!
PPS: If you install Linux on a core i3 2nd gen CPU, you can get LBZ to work...

Windows & code signing.


Previous versions of LemmingBall Z were digitally signed by me. (Menne Kamminga) Meaning, as long as lbzwin.exe carried that signature, you could be sure it came from me.

Unfortunately this costs money... around 100 to 500 euro's each year.

This year I decided to stop digitally signing my game, since I lack funds to buy the certificate required.


What this means for you:

  • You may receive a warning from Windows  smartscreen that lbzwin.exe or cb9_1.exe is not trusted.
  • You may need to click "run anyway" in some dialog before LemmingBall Z will run.
  • If you want to be safe, you should download the game only from https://lbz3d.com, not from other sites.