Windows & code signing.


Previous versions of LemmingBall Z were digitally signed by me. (Menne Kamminga) Meaning, as long as lbzwin.exe carried that signature, you could be sure it came from me.

Unfortunately this costs money... around 100 to 500 euro's each year.

This year I decided to stop digitally signing my game, since I lack funds to buy the certificate required.


What this means for you:

  • You may receive a warning from Windows  smartscreen that lbzwin.exe or cb9_1.exe is not trusted.
  • You may need to click "run anyway" in some dialog before LemmingBall Z will run.
  • If you want to be safe, you should download the game only from, not from other sites.





9013: a few fixes.



Uploaded version 9013 of the game/engine.


  • Yellow stuff when @ low performance: gone!
  • No more missing fmodex.dll! :D no longer is any DLL required for the game.
  • Fixed 2 potential crashes and 1 "getting stuck" situation.


  • Fullscreen mode rendering performance increased
  • A bit more smoothness

Too fast! Gotta go smooth….

9003 is released. It is primary a bug fix release.

Following stuff was done:

  • We now have a frame-limiter: if you have a screen that can sync at 120 or even 144 Hz: use console (F12) to do "set v_FrameLimiter 145"
  • Upgraded to SDL 2.0.5 because some folks were having focus problems.
  • Can now resize the game window! (If you play windowed of course)
  • Receiving of data on the client is now handled different, should stutter less when you are client.
  • VSync can now be turned on/off with the v_VSync console var
  • A couple of crashes were fixed.

IT`S OVER 9000!!!

Greezz @all,

finally we pass the magical Treshold of version 9000!

And we celebrate this with loads of news

Leaderboards, accounts and commmunity features

  • players can register their nicks [so you can become the warrior of legend among the community]
  • leaderboards finally allow players to check how they rank against each other
  • a three-tier ranking system will unlock higher transformations
  • friendslists for faster matchmaking

Loads of new transformations

  • most characters have at least the common transformations (depending on player ranking)
  • some characters got made-up transformations
  • aura get improved looks with player ranks

Beautiful new levels

The standards for level design have also risen a lot, now featuring elaborate and authentic anime backgrounds made with love.

Lights, shadows and particles

Enjoy the leaps and bounds LBZ made with new lighting and particle sytems... I am sure our coder would add about 27 feature points to count up how much everything has improved, but I think its enough to say: It looks amazing!

Improved netcode

A new state-of-art netcode will provide more precision than ever in online games.

Low-performance tweaks

Several tweaks to the engine give weaker systems a good boost in performance.(Unfortunately, buisness cards with low versions of openGL will still have troubles).

Moves got optimized for speed, speed, speed

Since LBZ is extremely fast paced, we worked out a lot of little helps to allow the player to focus on his fight without getting his controlls confused.

And we arent even done yet - heres some new stuff to come:

  • even more beautiful levels - to come as they get finished
  • better graphics for the moves - to come with small updates every now and then
  • a new generation of models - to come... well, when they are done

Have a lot of fun with this greatest version of LBZ, one that allows to use caps and say...

IT`S OVER 9000!