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Need priority support? Add m.kamminga on Skype or try contacting me on steam. (link on the top of the page)

When you need support please be sure to provide me with the following info:

  • Windows Or Linux version? (for example windows xp? vista? windows 10? Ubuntu 16.06?)
  • Video-card (for example NVIDIA GTX 650 or AMD FURY X) (See this page on how to get this info...)

Current Project: LemmingBallZ

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Bug Player can block himself in webchat loozzer 11/13/2016 3 8998


Bug Windowed mode minimizes for leaderboards loozzer 02/11/2017 3 8998


Bug Kiball fire animation not working loozzer 02/11/2017 3 8998


Feature Request Show rankings in the name loozzer 02/11/2017 3 8998


In Progress
Bug 13xmlparserfail when updating from russia or brazil Menne Kamminga Menne Kamminga 09/12/2016 3 8998


Need Info
Bug Keyboard stops working after leaving the game window loozzer 10/23/2016 3 8998


Need Info
Bug Modelviewer not working? loozzer 10/23/2016 3 8998

32 thoughts on “Support

  1. Hello.
    I am trying to install the game in win10, always after starting the application the following error appears:

    Unhanfled exception 13xmlParserFail: ‘C: / Users / HP / Documents / LBZ ALPHA Game Data / tmp / UpdatorOutput.xml’
    The logbook of this event will be sent to the developer.
    File: C: / Users / HP / Documents / LBZ ALPHA Game Data / cb9runtimelog.txt

    However, no logbook is created. This error happens on every computer that I try to install.

  2. hi
    i get an error opening lbz, that an open gl render was not found.
    I play on mac and I use wine but i always get that error!can you help me please???

      1. amd radeon hd6750M
        it’s a half 2011 iMac,intel based i think.
        i tried to re download and re install but nothing same error..

          1. You can go into your steam library, in the menu select “Add non-steam game to my library” , then select browse, then browse to lbzwin.exe. I dont have any money, so i cant pay the 100$ entry fee for starting a greenlight campaign.

          2. i didnt understand the green light thing,but via steam could be possible?
            can i use the mac version of steam or must i use the windows one?
            could be possibile to play using a virtual box?

  3. When i start the game it opens up, but it gets stuck in the middle of the loading screen and it says ERR:Unhandled exception 9ParseFail: ‘Script: data/game/hooks/defaultresources.lgs
    What can i do to fix that. Ty for your attention. :)

  4. My operating system is Windows 7 64-bit and pt-BR. I’ve tried running TOOL_WIN_DEBUG.bat, TOOL_WIN_REPAIR.bat, TOOL_WIN_UNINSTALL.bat and delete the My Documents folder.

    1. The webhosting party may be blocking you.. I’ve sent them a message it should be resolved soon.
      To start the game without updating, create a shortcut with the added parameter –noupdate.

      To play latest version: have to execute the updaterfix.

  5. Hello, I have a certain problem that I tried with the updaterfix and looked through the forums, I could not find any solutions to this. I start the game and when it opens, it gives me a message saying, Unhandled exception 10AssertFail: ‘_ASSERT(map!=nullptr); is false in lbz/cb9modules/render/buffers.cpp. Please help me with this problem! I really wish to play this game!

  6. The game keep saying it cant find the fmodex.dll file when I can clearly see it ive re downloaded a few times and its still not working pls help

    1. Most likely the driver install was unsuccesfull…
      With DXDIAG (described on the “update drivers” page above) you can see what driver version you are currently using.

      Apart from that: get another windows… windows XP is no longer safe to use… (support was dropped over a year ago)

          1. If a driver update does not work and you are still using windows xp, there is a good chance the drivers don’t have opengl 3.3 support…

            Windows XP is very old, and unsafe.

  7. When ever i try to launch the game it always pops up with an error that says I’m missing fmodex.dll. I have already tried reinstalling the program but it doesn’t seem to work. I have no idea what to do.

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